“I really have learned so much and have enjoyed it. You are a great trainer and an inspiration. I’m so glad I chose you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this course - it’s so evident how passionate you are and how much you care. I really do feel my training with you has been the most beneficial of all my past year of scrum related study and training.”
Claire Brown, UK
Our past A-CSM graduate, returning CSP-SM, CSPO, A-CSPO, CSP-PO and CAL graduate
"Excellent course! Love the international feeling with participants from different continents and the learning from both A-CSM and CSP-SM! Thanks for offering it in a format that made it possible for me as a parent to a child with special needs to make my agile dreams come true without ruining my family life!"
Jens Abrahamsson, Sweden
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
“Thank you Evelyn for a great class! I was worried about taking an on-line class instead of attending in person, but this worked out so much better for me. I got to work this week without much interruption, so it was a win-win for me and my management. The sessions were informative and fast moving, so there was never a chance to get bored."
Nancy Ross, UK
Our past A-CSPO graduate
“Evelyn is my favourite teacher - her pedagogical skills are great, the contents are very helpful and applicable to daily work. The online sessions were excellent, with case discussions, breakout room exercises. I achieved A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM, and I am ready to take the next learning program she launches.”
Maria Wen, HongKong
Our past A-CSM, returning A-CSPO, CSP-SM and CSP-PO graduate
"Evelyn has the ability to feel present in a room, even though it is an online course. What I found to be exceptional about her was the way she challenged us by giving us a problem to solve using only her material and our brains. I loved every second of it."
Josip Jurisic, Croatia
Our past A-CSM, A-CSPO, and returning CSP-SM graduate
"I must say, while going over the A-CSM recorded sessions, I felt like as if I was in live session. I was almost got prompted and answering some questions, and realized it was a recording 🙂 I registered to the A-CSPO program immediately."
Siva Rachakonda, US
Our past A-CSM and A-CSPO graduate
"The content of CSP-SM is AMAZING! I had a friend who did CSP-SM from local class here, and we were discussing, and trust me I know so much more than him, that I was surprised." I feel getting certified is satisfactory if you have the knowledge. After completing all the CSP-SM contents, and filling 1 full notebook with the notes, I feel so satisfied." Please convey my thanks to Evelyn for the really helpful content. I was able to use some things already in my work which is really making me grow as a coach and a person. Thanks a lot for this."
Sumit Sethi, India
Our past CSP-SM student
"I want to start by thanking you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us, and specially for allowing me to take this course from Argentina, which otherwise wouldn't be possible since we don't have local offerings. This was my first training in a foreign language and I enjoyed it a lot, so thank you for that. It was a pleasure working with you on A-CSM. Thank you for giving me and everybody else without access to these programs on our countries, the chance to still do it online. And looking forward to participating on the CSP training soon (already completed)!"
Ileana Barreiro, Argentina
Our past A-CSM graduate and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Evelyn has designed the programs very carefully, and each and every session was super interactive. It was really great experience to share podium with like minded and like skilled people from different parts of the world! I am very thankful to Evelyn for such wonderful course structures, and well thought of contents and exercises. I will highly recommend the programs to all scrum masters who are willing to take one more step towards the excellence."
Sanvid Bibawanekar, Norway
Our past A-CSM, returning A-CSPO, CSP-SM and CAL graduate
"I participated in Evelyn’s CSP-SM program in March and April 2019. Starting with the course prework till the end all the content was very well thought through, high quality and educational. The classroom sessions had good balance of activities and teaching. The prerecorded videos were equally high value. The homework had us thinking and helped us reinforce the concepts we learned. Great experience and learning, and looking forward to further mentorship with Evelyn!"
Rashmi Chafale, US
Our past CSP-SM graduate
"I have participated in CSP-SM online with Evelyn during November 2018. Beside the fact the Evelyn ability is second to none where it comes to her style of running the course, communicating and explaining the topic, I believe actually participating in an online course is better and more productive as you get a record of all the sessions along side of course material that you can refer back to when you need to refresh your memory. Having homework also is a great way of concentrating on the topic and as part of that doing extra research to bring the topic life in your head and in practice. All in all Evelyn’s courses (online or in-person for my A-CSM) are the best experience I have had with scrum courses or in fact any online courses so far."
Suzan Bader, UK
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"After I completed CSM, CSPO, and A-CSM in on-site classes, I wanted to try virtual training. I had several discussions with providers and made the decision to go with Evelyn Tian. Firstly I was very pleased with the responsiveness that I received from Evelyn and her team. That evening I began listening to lectures and reading through her workbook. I found her curriculum and content to follow the stated learning objectives and to reinforce my learning of the topics. The virtual channel provided me with the time to work through the lectures, materials, tools and techniques to get a great understanding. I would recommend Evelyn’s training to all working on their certifications."
David Matson, US
Our past CSP-SM graduate
“I loved the virtual programs because you don’t focus on study for a test. Instead, you have different topics about thinks you probably have worked, however, the concepts are deeper. The homework is very interesting because when I was working in it, I always was thinking in situations I faced in the past or situations I’m currently living. I highly recommended Evelyn’s programs and I'll be happy to have Evelyn as my coach for future certifications."
Camilo Acosta Restrepo, Colombia
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Evelyn's A-CSM and CSP-SM courses offered me a breadth of information that has truly strengthened my career and approach in coaching my scrum teams. Her course offered the opportunity to not only attend the live sessions, but also opportunities to review recordings of various material which others don't offer." Her charisma and enthusiasm in explaining different material reeled me in and now I am pumped to continue towards becoming a CST. Thank you Evelyn. I couldn't have reached this far without you."
Mahmud Ahmed, US
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Thank you so much for the training programs. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable sessions and I look forward to putting the techniques and principles I've learned into practice. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience."
Yash Arora, US
Our past A-CSPO and returning A-CSM and CSP-PO graduate
"Thank you Evelyn Tian for the amazing training session!" I am very happy to close the year as I start it: Thank you for the amazing training of Certified Scrum Professional® - ScrumMaster! I wish you the best of the best for next year. Happy new year!"
Guillermo Lechuga, Mexico
Our past CSP-SM, A-CSPO and CSP-PO participant
"Thank you Evelyn Tian for putting together for such a great course! A lot of great learning contents! The only constant in life is change. Leanring never stops. In quest for continuous imrpovement, I have completed CSP-SM! Thanks again for the great program!"
Mandipa Khadka, US
Our past CSP-SM participant
"Thanks Evelyn Tian from amazing online certification program! I learned a lot! The homeworks has been really good and given me lot to think about. I have adopted some new techniques during this course that are really valuable to me. Thank you for the great course!"
Anna-Maria Kähkönen, Finland
Our past A-CSPO graduate and returning CSP-PO participant
"A great start of the year, honoured to obtain A-CSM certification on 1st January 2020." you Evelyn Tian for your wonderful coaching and guidance. Your guidance is not only helpful to achieve the certification, but is also helpful in practical life."
Jaydeep Satpathi, Hong Kong
Our past A-CSM participant
"I truly enjoyed the great learning experience! Thank you Evelyn Tian for the great experience and all the shared knowledge. It has been a pleasure working with you, Evelyn on the program! I am proud to become Advanced Certified Product Owner by Scrum Alliance!"
Karolina Kurdybacha, Poland
Our past A-CSPO and returning CSP-PO graduate
"Was a great course by Evelyn, which I can highly recommend if you want to take your P.O. skills to the next level."
Kristjan Wager, Denmark
Our past A-CSPO and returning CSP-PO graduate
"Happy to share that I am now taking the next step in my Agile journey! I am now a Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster 🙂 Thank you Evelyn Tian for helping me through this journey."
Sowmya Sethuraman, US
Our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate
"Thank you Evelyn Tian for the wonderful course and mentorship. Really enjoyed the class, the learning and I am very happy to be on my Path to CSP!"
Michel Astudillo, US
Our past A-CSM graduate and returning CSP-SM participant
"Many thanks for the course! The new techniques and methods will help me quite a lot. Thank you so much Amy for the timely support! Look forward to the CSP-PO program!"
Torben Kuepper, Germany
Our past A-CSPO graduate and returning CSP-PO participant
"Thank you Evelyn for the amazing course, presentations and homework that will help me in my role! Thank you for the helpful comments on the project!"
Thomas Lennon, Ireland
Our past A-CSPO graduate
"Thank you for a very, very good course. I’ve gotten much out of the sessions! I have quite a few things to test and experiment! Thank you Evelyn Tian I’ve become very inspired by your sessions and will wear the badge with pride!"
Johannes Linder, Sweden
Our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduatee
"I hadn't taken an interactive online class before and wasn't sure what to expect but your organization and presentation made everything fit together extremely well - thank you!”
"Thank you, Evelyn, for your passion and the well-designed learning contents. I learned a lot through your programs!"
Jon Beres, US
Our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate
"Special thanks to Evelyn Tian. You showed me a different great world of thed to go over the lessons you taught again. Your coaching always helps my keep thinking to find out the important understanding behind the surface. Agile made the change in my work, my life."
Jiajun Zhang, Japan
Our past A-CSM graduate, returning A-CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO and CAL
"I have had a long and quite extensive career, with agile coaching being a big part of it. However, Evelyn really made me think deeply and widely about how I approach my work. She has a great style, no PowerPoint is a good start. Her approach to agile is in line with that. Strip back all the non essential stuff and you are left with the core of agile, the stuff that really matters. She has re-awakened many lessons I have had in the past and made them relevant to my day to day work. I wish to thank you for this and look forward to continuing collaboration."
Mike Carew, UK
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"At first, I was hesitant to register for an online training for my CSP-SM because I favor the agility principle to be in class face to face for better results. Finally, I was extremely pleased with Evelyn in everything she brought to our training. The content, the tools, the exchanges between apprentices she made possible and especially even virtually, that we felt in class and we were able to build bridges between participants! Without any hesitation, I recommend Evelyn Konsult’s distance workshops with Evelyn Tian for your continuous improvement in your practice as a coach!"
Alexandre Frédéric Joly, Canada
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Thank you Evelyn for the program, which was a great experience for me - a wonderful course and experience to learn and practice together with members from worldwide! You helped us quickly adapt to the course and easily start to learn and master knowledge. I enjoyed the course and will definitely choose such courses from you again in future!”
Kate Zheng, China
Our CSP-SM graduate
"Today, I want to share with you my new professional achievement, I've received my CSP-SM with ScrumAlliance." In this opportunity, I would like to say thanks to Evelyn Tian for teaching new topics and for sharing her professional experiences that I will be applying in my job and my community. Thank you for the great program!"
Jimmy Alexander Galindo, Columbia
Our past CSP-SM, returning A-CSPO and CSP-PO graduate
"Either the online courses (A-CSPO and CSP-SM) or the in-person classes (A-CSM and CAL) are all top-class programs from design to interaction, experience, knowledge and ability. I like the face-to-face interaction and also like the learning, thinking, and time in between sessions. I am appreciated for the tools learned by Evelyn's courses not only making me be more competent as a ScrumMaster but assist me to continuously improve my skills. It awakens me - I may treat ScrumMaster is the guy who masters only the Scrum framework without Evelyn's sophisticated teaching. Evelyn, thanks for the guidance. Thank you."
Edward Yeh, Taiwan
Our past A-CSM, returning A-CSPO and CSP-SM graduate
"For me, an agile practitioner, one of the biggest challenges to gain advance knowledge beyond CSM training is.... location, time and availability. Evelyn’s remote learning program are self-paced, in-depth topics and content driven. I certainly enjoyed my time on mock-exercises and collaboration with other coaches during Evelyn’s program. I also love the options to engage with Evelyn Konsult Coaching Circle, to expand on knowledge, share experience and receive coaching support. IF you are serious about learning HOW to overcome next generation's transformation challenges, utilizing the agile framework... Evelyn’s distance learning program is the way to go!"
Jacky Tsang, US
Our past A-CSM and retunring CSP-SM graduate
"Agile training changed my life towards the better. I accrued three Scrum certificates, two of which (Advanced CSM and CSP-SM) were completed with Evelyn. Evelyn's online session overcomes the impediments that comes with online courses. The exercise rooms Evelyn does during her training are very effective and very hands-on. She always understands the needs of her audience, by prior survey and during the sessions. She enhances the course material accordingly. Evelyn is one of the best trainers I ever met in interacting with the attendees, though my sessions were completed remotely. She manages the online programs so well that she knows when to bring appropriate topics to discuss, when to raise leading questions and what to put into prerecorded sessions and homework.”
Zaher Yacoub, US
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Wow! I must say this course is for serious and committed people only. If you really want to study and dig deeper into the concepts and ideas behind the obvious material you can find elsewhere online through a guided learning experience that is going to force you to think not only about the subject matter but about yourself, then this is the course for you. Evelyn is inspiring, she has this ability to question you and to expose a topic in a way that invites you to continue learning by yourself. The online experience is not only interactive between classmates but also gives you the benefit of an international interchange of experiences, opinions and perspectives. Self-paced and busy-schedule-convenient are additional benefits that come for free. I must say thanks to Evelyn for her dedication putting these sessions available to a broad audience by the use of technology, and particularly for the personal grow I experienced through this amazing journey."
Alejandro Mayorga, US and Chile
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"Evelyn’s course contains invaluable information to take your Scrum Mastery career to a next level. Evelyn covers different aspects of Agile Coaching, and I absolutely love the concepts and tools being introduced to help my teams and my organization even further! I highly recommend taking Evelyn’s CSP-SM class if you are really interested in learning advanced tools and skills to help organizations transform the way they work."
Recep Ozdincer, US
Our past CSP-SM graduate
"I hesitated a lot before the online session as I preferred to have classroom sessions to have more interactions with trainer and peers. The online interaction was really beyond my expectation, the beauty of that is you can watch/learn as many times as you like and the well-designed homework made “forced” me to apply knowledge learnt through the program."
George Wang, China
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"At first I was not really sure of having a training program being conducted online but after just one session of A-CSM course, I immediately enrolled for the CSP-SM course too (as I have been practising Scrum for years already). Evelyn is very knowledgeable and shares a lot of her real life Scrum and Agile examples for even better learning experience. I'm really looking forward to my next steps through her guidance."
Joseph Pena, Japan and Philippines
Our past A-CSM and returning CSP-SM graduate
"I thoroughly enjoyed my training experience with you as the Coach. You are sharp, marvelous, humorous and well experienced. You were thoroughly prepared for the course and also made adjustments on the fly. You make understanding the topics very easy and your knowledge is impeccable. I really admire your improvisations and informality to make everyone comfortable." I'm really looking forward to my next steps through her guidance."
Sakshi Gurtu, India
Our past A-CSM graduate
"I wanted to thank you for all your help and your work. I have first joined the ACSM, now working on CSPSM and today I have participated in the first interactive coaching session. You cannot imagine how this is helping me and changing me. Each time I have been part of an interactive session, it was beautiful to brainstorm and play with concepts with teammates from around the globe. This is extremely stimulating."
Alexandra Silberberg, Spain
Our A-CSM, returning CSP-SM and CAL graduate
"I am very happy to have started my Agile journey with Evelyn's courses. I am very happy and thankful for understanding of changing of management styles, the importance of context. CAS- complex adaptive system is amazing - zoom in/out exercises, understanding of that team has a personality as well. An Iceberg Jon Kotter model and this wonderful Behavior function - how our behavior depends on personality and environment. Maintaining a skeptical outlook is important because it helps leaders to remain objective impact."
Aljona Lumi, Estonia
Our CAL participant
"The tools will help me to asses the current situation gave me the tools to experiment I have never been so engaged in online workshop before, Evelyn knows how to keep the energy levels up throughout the workshop!"
Mait Urbanik, Estonia
Our CAL participant
"All on content. that good knowledge for help organisation to transform. Very very suggestion you to learn with Evelyn, she has agile wikipedia in her brain :)"
Nattapong Opaspattanakit, Thailand
Our CAL, returning A-CSM, CSP-SM, A-CSPO and CSP-PO graduate
"A great class, taking you on a very interesting helicopter tour of the world of leadership. Introduces you to some incredibly useful concepts, sign-posting where you can obtain further detail if the subject interests you. Lots of opportunity to discuss in small groups to share interpretations and thoughts on what you are learning. Excellent use of remote tools means literally no sacrifice of not having the in-class experience. Highly recommended to those wishing to understand leadership more."
Claire Brown, UK
Our CAL participant
"This course has given me new tools to test and experiment with as I grow as a leader and also as I get more familiar with coaching executives or senior members of my organization. It has left me feeling more confident in my abilities and the approach I can take. Evelyn is a fantastic coach! She brings so much energy and passion to her workshops and trainings. Evelyn is great at introducing a concept and breaking it down into tangible examples to better understand how things can be implemented in practice. Always look forward to connecting with her and I know her classes will be informative and fun!"
Sonja Marcan, Canada
Our CAL participant
"Evelyn is a fabulous instructor with a very wide knowledge and great experience , she is always focused to deliver value in a very friendly atmosphere , I would definitely recommend Evelyn as a world class instructor and expert in Scrum."
Mohamed El Faramawy, Egypt
Our A-CSM, returning CSP-SM, and CAL graduate
" I did my CSM and A-CSM both with Evelyn and I must say I'm very impressed. Evelyn has deep personal experiences in coaching and in addition to the actual course content you get real-life practical solutions as a bonus. Thank You Evelyn for another great session."
Tahir Javed, Estonia
Our A-CSM participant
"Evelyn has thorough knowledge on the subject and has a very easy and casual style of teaching. Very well organized with simple examples, basic and though-provoking exercises. Highly recommend!"
Indu Janardanan, United States
Our CAL participant
"Evelyn is very knowledgeable, I definitely like the relevant examples she gives and her patience with audience, the knowledge, engagement, and team discussions. I will chase another opportunity to join her on another session."
George Zaki, Egypt
Our CAL participant
" The workshop is very interactive and a lot of great exercises, tools, and learning. Evelyn is a very experiences coaches and i am looking forward to learning more from her."
Alson Boo Chun Ngee, Singapore
Our CAL and returning CSP-PO graduate
" Thank you Evelyn for the excellent Agile Leadership workshop. It was jam-packed with great content, well-designed exercises, and excellently delivered. I really enjoyed it!."
Ivy Si, United States
Our CAL participant
" Evelyn is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. She always comes well prepared and touches on a lot of different topics to get us thinking. She maintains a good balance between teaching and answering questions from the group. I highly recommend taking one of her workshops."
Shelley Carter, Canada
Our CAL and returning A-CSPO participant
" Evelyn is a great coach. Her delivery is very effective and she is very approachable. I love the graphic flip charts, simplified, organic and cooperative approach of Evelyn. Hope to be able to attend more of her sessions."
Shalini Chowdhury, Ireland
Our CSM participant
" Evelyn is very encouraging, and answers questions in a way easy to understand with examples. Evelyn helped each participant with obtaining good understanding of scrum, and I really loved the role play in class. Thank you."
Masaki Ihara, Japan
Our CSM participant
" Evelyn is the best Scrum coach who has broad and deep knowledge on Scrum master and the scrum framework. Refresh my mindset and open a new angle to look at the agile and scrum. Highly recommend her Scrum trainings!"
Helen Liu, Sweden
Our CSM and returning A-CSM graduate
" Evelyn is a great coach. She explains things in detail and has total knowledge on the subject. Her examples and the way of conducting the workshops is impeccable."
Amolakdeep Singh, India
Our CSM participant
" It was an interactive activity based workshop with extensive knowledge displayed by Evelyn having extremely professional calm demeaner."
Mohammad Zaigham, India
Our CSM participant
"The sessions with Evelyn are always amazing, the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxed and it stimulates learning and open-thinking. What strikes me the most is Evelyn's ability to translate Agile into the "real" world, giving great real life examples and brain teasers that are sure to stick in your head, enhancing the materials she's talking about. During the sessions I always felt encouraged to share my opinions and ask questions, and I was delighted to hear what Evelyn would share as it was always something new, practical, and persuading me to re-think or push the boundaries of what I already know. A big thank you and see you again from my side!"
Maja Samardzic Antolic, Croatia
Our A-CSM participant
"The Agile Leadership course exceeded my expectation in terms of content and delivery. As a virtual course, Evelyn made sure the course was engaging from start to finish with a mixture of presentation, case studies, group work and individual reflection. Evelyn brought the content to life with her unique style and vast knowledge of the topics. I would thorough recommend this workshop!"
Becky Schmidt,UK
Our CAL participant
"I am absolutely delighted to share my exceptional experience with the CSP-SM online course, guided by the incredible mentor, Evelyn Tian. Enrolling in this course helped gave me a broader perspective in the realm of Scrum and Agile methodologies. Evelyn's expertise and dedication as a mentor were truly inspiring. Her deep understanding of the subject matter and her ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and relatable manner made the learning process incredibly enjoyable. What sets her apart is her commitment to the success of each participant through Coaching Circle programme. She went above and beyond to ensure that we not only grasped the theoretical concepts but also applied them effectively in real-world scenarios. Through her guidance, the course material came alive. The real-world examples she shared, coupled with her insightful case studies, illuminated the practical applications of the concepts we were learning. Her willingness to engage in meaningful discussions and answer questions made me feel valued as a student. Furthermore, the online platform was seamless and user-friendly, allowing me to learn at my own pace while staying connected with fellow learners. The interactive exercises and collaborative group tasks fostered an environment of teamwork and experiential learning. With her mentorship and the CSP-SM online course, I not only gained a valuable certification but also a mentor for life. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to master Scrum and Agile, all under the expert guidance of Evelyn Tian.!"
Russell Ong,Singapore
Our CAL participant

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