The Scrum Alliance Path to CSP Program

Since 2016, the Scrum Alliance has introduced the Path to CSP Program to support agile practitioners to the next level of learning, and to better support teams, products and organizations.

Before that, practitioners only need to show that they have worked with Scrum, to achieve CSP-SM, or to achieve CSP-PO based on their entry level certification level. This means a CSM describing a few years of work experience with Scrum, was able to achieve CSP-SM without any validation of skills and/competence.

If you are reading this, and you are one of the practitioners with CSP-SM and/or CSP-PO, you can reach out to us to take the new development at a discounted rate given the special situations.

Development Path Overview

The development path is shown below. To move forward from one program to another horizontally, one has to have the prerequisite on the left side. For instance, to obtain A-CSM certification, one has to have CSM certification. While CSM doesn’t require any prerequisite.

Trainers are also approved based on the development path also. Your trainer who certified you for your CSM, has to go through approval processes to get approved to teach higher level advanced programs. Your CSM trainer may not be approved to teach advanced level programs, and your A-CSM trainer may not be approved to teach CSP-SM level program.

Evelyn Konsult AB is one of the few companies globally offering the full development (trainers require further approval for each program on the development path). Evelyn Tian is one of the approved trainers who offers the development through interactive programs, coaching sessions, and self-paced learning options.


Taking an advanced program will renew your other certification(s) for two more years past the course date. No additional payment or SEUs will be required for that renewal.


The path to CSP programs DO NOT require an active prerequisite certification. However, attendees must have previously obtained the prerequisite.


When you are registering to our programs, please send us your email address used for your earlier Scrum Alliance certifications. You can validate here to make sure you have the correct email address.

Work Experience

In order to fully earn your advanced (A-CSM℠, A-CSPO℠) or CSP®-level (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO) certification, you must add 12-24 months of work experience to your Scrum Alliance® account. Please note that this is NOT regular work experience update.

Please follow these instructions to add work experience to your profile:

  1. Log in to your Scrum Alliance Dashboard
  2. Select Profile from the navigation bar on the left
  3. Scroll down to the Experience section and select +Add work history
  4. Complete the required fields in the Work Experience section
  5. Complete the required fields in the Experience in a specific Scrum accountability section
  6. Confirm that the information you entered is accurate and true by selecting the checkbox
  7. Select Submit to save and validate your information

Please make sure you complete the Experience in a specific Scrum accountability section at the bottom, and ensure your selected scrum role from the dropdown (i.e. ScrumMaster, product owner, etc.) that matches the advanced/CSP-level certification that you’re earning.

It usually takes one day for work experience to be validated upon submission. If you still haven’t received your advanced/CSP-level certification after submitting your work experience, please contact

Further Questions

Please reach out to us at for further questions or register online directly