Times flies and this is the 14th year I have been working as an agile coach. Back in 2009, I had my career change from a system architect to an agile coach, when I was selected as an agile coach candidate and was trained to be a full-time internal agile coach in Ericsson.

We needed to increase our internal coaching capabilities. So while I was still learning and growing to be a better agile coach, I started to mentor fellow agile coaches. I have been mentoring many agile coaches since then. Gradually, the mentoring system becomes more and more systematic. It covers different skills we should have, such as teaching, facilitating and professional coaching. In March, 2011, I designed Way to Ericsson Coach (WTEC) which has been offered to thousands of all internal leaders within Ericsson. The system also includes domain knowledge as well, from technical practice, product, leadership, to organization. In the same year, I also launched Way to Ericsson Agile Leadership (WTEAL), with 3 module based structure. I will write separate blogs about these individual topics.

Then it helps pave the common languages when I mentor agile coaches. I always used my hand to show how we should assess the situation. Then we can decide what to focus on, what skills to use, and make decisions on how to approach the situation as experiments. When COVID started, I started to stand on a balancing board while working. When I was mentoring agile coaches, I started to use balancing board and how we may lean a bit left, a bit right, and adjust as needed.