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Join our upcoming Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) with Evelyn Tian in the beautiful Stockholm, Sweden!

So far our in-person Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) session in Stockholm have brought participants from different countries and continents to Stockholm. We have participants from 9 different countries - Croatia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.  Please check out our past participants' testimonial here.

We are launching our next Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) workshop in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden in fall, 2019! Come join us and see you in Stockholm!

Through this hands-on Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner workshop, you will be able to advance the HOW TO dimension of Product Owner role. Through building your in-class product, you will grow skills that help you  and your organization build the most fantastic product with concepts and practices within the Scrum framework, from product discovery, design thinking, hypothesis-driven portfolio management, evaluative experiments.

Through the workshop, we will go through the concepts of the business problem, product idea, customer understanding, CX and UX, prioritizing and validating assumption, and leverage Scrum framework for modern product development.

You will be building your selected product idea while learning and satisfying the learning objectives below:

Performing the Product Owner Role

  • Examining the Product Owner Role
  • Working with: Users, Stakeholders (Stakeholder mapping, and Stakeholder management), Development Team (Collaboration Tools), Multiple Teams

Purpose and Strategy

  • Developing product vision and strategies (Tools to develop, Tools to evolve Product Vision and Strategies, Roadmap development)
  • Conducting advanced release planning
  • Prioritization frameworks

Customer Research & Discovery

  • Understanding customers
  • Performing product discovery
  • Combining Design Thinking with product development
  • Performing Hypothesis Driven Portfolio Management and Development
  • Utilizing concepts and tools such as Customer Journey Map and Personas

Evaluative Experiments

  • Inspecting and adapting the product
  • Identifying and evaluating assumptions, and testing assumptions

Product Backlog Management Techniques

  • Maximizing outcomes and impact
  • Measuring product value
  • Ordering and refining items

Please email us at training@evelynkonsult.se with your company name, VAT information, and your name for registration.