This is what our past participants are saying. Please also check out Evelyn’s linkedin to see how many happy participants!

Claire Brown, from UK, our past A-CSM graduate

“I really have learned so much and have enjoyed it. You are a great trainer and an inspiration. I’m so glad I chose you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this course - it’s so evident how passionate you are and how much you care.

I really do feel my training with you has been the most beneficial of all my past year of scrum related study and training.”

Zaher Yacoub, from Texas, US, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

“Agile training changed my life towards the better.  I accrued three Scrum certificates, two of which (Advanced CSM and CSP-SM) were completed with Evelyn.

Evelyn's online session overcomes the impediments that comes with online courses. The exercise rooms Evelyn does during her training are very effective and very hands-on.

She always understands the needs of her audience, by prior survey and during the sessions. She enhances the course material accordingly.

Evelyn is one of the best trainers I ever met in interacting with the attendees, though my sessions were completed remotely. She manages the online programs so well that she knows when to bring appropriate topics to discuss, when to raise leading questions and what to put into prerecorded sessions and homework.”

Josip Jurisic, from Croatia, our past A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM graduate

"Evelyn has the ability to feel present in a room, even though it is an online course. What I found to be exceptional about her was the way she challenged us by giving us a problem to solve using only her material and our brains. I loved every second of it."

Suzan Bader, from UK, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

"I have participated in CSP-SM online with Evelyn during November 2018. Beside the fact the Evelyn ability is second to none where it comes to her style of running the course, communicating and explaining the topic, I believe  actually participating in an online course is better and more productive as you get a record of all the sessions along side of course material that you can refer back to when you need to refresh your memory.

Having homework also is a great way of concentrating on the topic and as part of that doing extra research to bring the topic life in your head  and in practice.

All in all Evelyn’s courses (online or in-person for my A-CSM) are the best experience I have had with scrum courses or in fact any online courses so far."

Kristjan Wager, from Denmark, our past A-CSPO graduate

"Was a great course by Evelyn, which I can highly recommend if you want to take your P.O. skills to the next level."

Sanvid Bibawanekar, from Norway, our past A-CSM, and CSP-SM graduate

"Evelyn has designed the programs very carefully, and each and every session was super interactive. It was really great experience to share podium with like minded and like skilled people from different parts of the world! I am very thankful to Evelyn for such wonderful course structures, and well thought of contents and exercises. I will highly recommend the programs to all scrum masters who are willing to take one more step towards the excellence."

Siva Rachakonda, from Virginia, US, our past A-CSM and A-CSPO graduate

“I must say, I felt like as if I was in live session. I was almost got prompted and answering some questions, and realized it was a recording :-)”

Nancy Ross, from Arizona, US, our past A-CSPO graduate

“Thank you Evelyn for a great class! I was worried about taking an on-line class instead of attending in person, but this worked out so much better for me.  I got to work this week without much interruption, so it was a win-win for me and my management. The sessions were informative and fast moving, so there was never a chance to get bored.

Ileana Barreiro, from Argentina, our past A-CSM graduate, and CSP-SM participant

"I want to start by thanking you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us, and specially for allowing me to take this course from Argentina, which otherwise wouldn't be possible since we don't have local offerings. This was my first training in a foreign language and I enjoyed it a lot, so thank you for that. It was a pleasure working with you on A-CSM. Thank you for giving me and everybody else without access to these programs on our countries, the chance to still do it online. And looking forward to participating on the CSP training soon!"

Jens Abrahamsson, from Sweden, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

"Excellent course! Love the international feeling with participants from different continents and the learning from both A-CSM and CSP-SM! Thanks for offering it in a format that made it possible for me as a parent to a child with special needs to make my agile dreams come true without ruining my family life!"

Torben Kuepper, from Germany, our past A-CSPO graduate

“Many thanks for the course! The new techniques and methods will help me quite a lot. Hope I can make my CSP-PO as well this year!”

Jon Beres, from California, US, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM participant

“I hadn't taken an interactive online class before and wasn't sure what to expect but your organization and presentation made everything fit together extremely well - thank you!”

Alexandre Frédéric Joly, from Montreal, Canada, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

“At first, I was hesitant to register for an online training for my CSP-SM because I favor the agility principle to be in class face to face for better results. Finally, I was extremely pleased with Evelyn in everything she brought to our training.

The content, the tools, the exchanges between apprentices she made possible and especially even virtually, that we felt in class and we were able to build bridges between participants! Without any hesitation, I recommend Evelyn Konsult’s distance workshops with Evelyn Tian for your continuous improvement in your practice as a coach!"

Kate Zheng, from China, our CSP-SM graduate

“Thank you Evelyn for the program, which was a great experience for me - a wonderful course and experience to learn and practice together with members from worldwide!

You helped us quickly adapt to the course and easily start to learn and master knowledge. I enjoyed the course and will definitely choose such courses from you again in future! 😊

Edward Yeh, from Taiwan, our past A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM graduate

“Either the online courses (A-CSPO and CSP-SM) or the in-person classes (A-CSM and CAL) are all top-class programs from design to interaction, experience, knowledge and ability. I like the face-to-face interaction and also like the learning, thinking, and time in between sessions.

I am appreciated for the tools learned by Evelyn's courses not only making me be more competent as a ScrumMaster but assist me to continuously improve my skills. It awakens me - I may treat ScrumMaster is the guy who masters only the Scrum framework without Evelyn's sophisticated teaching. Evelyn, thanks for the guidance. Thank you."

Alejandro Mayorga, from New York, US and Chile, our past A-CSM student and CSP-SM graduate

“Wow! I must say this course is for serious and committed people only. If you really want to study and dig deeper into the concepts and ideas behind the obvious material you can find elsewhere online through a guided learning experience that is going to force you to think not only about the subject matter but about yourself, then this is the course for you.

Evelyn is inspiring, she has this ability to question you and to expose a topic in a way that invites you to continue learning by yourself. The online experience is not only interactive between classmates but also gives you the benefit of an international interchange of experiences, opinions and perspectives. Self-paced and busy-schedule-convenient are additional benefits that come for free.

I must say thanks to Evelyn for her dedication putting these sessions available to a broad audience by the use of technology, and particularly for the personal grow I experienced through this amazing journey."

Maria Wen, from HongKong, our past A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM graduate

“Evelyn is my favourite teacher - her pedagogical skills are great, the contents are very helpful and applicable to daily work. The online sessions were excellent, with case discussions, breakout room exercises. I achieved A-CSM, A-CSPO and CSP-SM, and I am ready to take the next learning program she launches.”

George Wang, from China, our past A-CSM and CSP-SM graduate

“I hesitated a lot before the online session as I preferred to have classroom sessions to have more interactions with trainer and peers. The online interaction was really beyond my expectation, the beauty of that is you can watch/learn as many times as you like and the well-designed homework made “forced” me to apply knowledge learnt through the program.

Thank you, Evelyn, for your passion and the well-designed learning contents. I learned a lot through your programs!”