Certified Agile Leadership Training

“Great mix of games, exercises, videos and case studies. The trainer is clearly knowledgeable and passionate.” - Head of Network Integration Center

“This is a very different session compared with other training sessions I attended. I came out with great ideas to try during the inspiring session and on the flight back home!” - Head of R&D, Mobile Client Services

“Very satisfied with the richness and applicability of the contents. Three of us from the same management team have our next CAS system experiments defined.” - Manager, Service Deliveries

“Wish I attended earlier! Positive energy and practical tools that will help me.” - Scrum Master, Modem Development

“Highest ROI ever of all training sessions taken. I went from confusion to clarity.” - Senior Project Manager, Mobile Services

“Very satisfied with the balance of theory and group work, and the passion and knowledge of the trainer.” - Director Project Office, Product Services

“Always impressed with Evelyn’s knowledge, energy, and experience, and how she always makes workshops unforgettable.” - Coach and Trainer